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Luxury Trains in India - Palace on Wheels

Palace on Wheels
Explore the beauty of India on palace on wheels. Go back to the medieval era which will bring you great enjoyment and you are always surprised finding new truths. Explore the glory of Rajasthan with the symbol of love known as Taj Mahal at Agra.

While staying in Palace On wheels, one has chance to explore Indian culture, its saga from ancient period to modern period. No doubt, it is an unspoken experience to see the original dining hall of the Maharajas, their ruling method and their life style that are kept in the museum at every place.
Visit Jaisalmer, Udaipur The City of Lakes, the National Park of Ranthambhor and the fort of Chittorgarh where you get the chance of listening of the stories of bravery.

Well, Palace On wheels give you a new experience and it pleases you to feel happy by the bottom of your heart and one admires the places heartily. The train is fully packed with the facilities that you require in order to enjoy a happy tour and you can enjoy every moment that is special to you. Know more about the train and its tour here as this is really a splendid moment to explore.